Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dmitry Tursunov from Miami Open 2006

I saw Dmitry Tursunov in Miami Open 2006 but I didn't know him back then. I started to love him after I read his blog which is famous for his sense of humor and his answering to fans' emails.
I like this one:

Miruna from Romania: Dmitry baby, would you consider yourself a romantic person? I love you
Dmitry's answers: Miruna, baby! With a six pack like that who needs to be romantic?!

You can find more in the atp site.

He used to have an official site but it's been down since last year. What I like about him is he really responses to his fans and he is really nice to his fans.

Read his blog here. (His towel on head is so funny!!)


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